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Woodland is the most abundant habitat in the Top End of the Northern Territory. Easily distinguished by dominating Eucalyptus trees and an often grassy understorey, these areas exist where water becomes scarce during the Dry. Relying heavily on adaptations to save water, woodland vegetation can be waxy and fine, long and thin even spiky.  Some trees don’t have leaves at all; Acacia species (wattles) have modified stems that function as leaves.

Fire is a dominant landscaping force in the woodland and very common in the Top End each dry season. Many plants and animals adapt to and actually need fire to survive; you can see this each year after a fire has burned through an area by the luxuriant new fernlike fronds of the cycads. Many animals exist in the woodland and due to the lack of water and high daytime temperatures many are nocturnal.

You can view some of these animals in the Nocturnal House and through the Woodland walk. You can even take a night time tour with a spotlight and see some wild animals in this interesting habitat. Some of the Top End's birds of prey can be seen in a free flight display at the Flight Deck.