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Monsoon Vine Forest

A collage of images of the Alice Springs Desert Park

As the name suggest, Monsoon Vine Forests rely heavily on the water provided by the heavy monsoonal rain each Wet season. The resident plants and animals are totally dependent on this permanent water for survival.

Monsoon Vine Forests are found where permanent water is readily available such as along permanent water courses, up-welling spring fed soaks, deep rocky gullies or even along our coastal foreshores where the water table is very close to the surface.  Characterised by tall trees, palms and vine thickets, these forests are very similar to equatorial rainforests except for the fact that they must exist for 6 months without rain.

Many animals rely heavily on the fruiting trees, dense canopy and abundant water for food and shelter, most are extremely secretive, except perhaps the gregarious fruit bats.

The Monsoon Vine Forest Walk is an outstanding feature of the Territory Wildlife Park. It is supported by the springs that flow into Berry Creek and this area is traditionally significant to the local aboriginal people.  Stand still, look, listen and smell; you will experience the forest come to life around you. Along the Monsoon Vine Forest Walk you will find one of the largest domed walk-through aviaries in the Southern Hemisphere.